What is Sales Cadence ?

Sales cadence is planning  a sequence of activities to set up a sale or merely a connection for engagement. It contains a sequence of touch points that combine to qualify a prospect and progress them along the Prospect > Lead > Opportunity > Propose > Order stages of the business process. Microsoft Teams & Microsoft … Continue reading "What is Sales Cadence ?"

Sales Strategy

The  Sales Strategy – The prerequisite before you consider the tech. Developing a sales strategy is the essential first phase. Technology only speeds up a bad process, its therefore essential you pencil the design for a successful sales process {or use Visio}.  The Sales Strategy – Where do you start ? A sales process usually … Continue reading "Sales Strategy"

The telephone is not dead

Picking up the phone and personally talking to a prospect can get immediate results when you apply fundamental marketing principles and techniques.  Telephone calls are important for the buyer that doesn’t know they need your product. A prospect might have issues that are perfectly addressed by your product, but they don’t know it because they’ve … Continue reading "The telephone is not dead"

Never Neglect Customer Retention

New Business Leads You should not focus  Dynamics 365 for Sales solely on getting new business leads. You should also focus on getting existing customers to come back or retain their relationship with you. Staying connected with your existing customers is crucial, your competitors are taking opportunities to them all the time, and its a … Continue reading "Never Neglect Customer Retention"

Sales Qualification

Qualification A simple process of lead qualification, an essential first stage requirement for qualifying a lead. Lead qualification will help you assess and measure the degree of interest for your product or solution. Lead qualification will also provide the essential pre-sales information that will assist you in prioritising your actions, moving effectively through the stages … Continue reading "Sales Qualification"

The Important Call

The important followup call You have done the hard work now its time to schedule the important follow-up call. Have you experienced that annoying “ in a meeting “ response? Well think about it, when do most meetings start? on the hour? Schedule your important calls for 15 minutes before the hour to increase your … Continue reading "The Important Call"

A quality x quantity sales process

You start with a simple sales process, a procedure that best mirrors your customers buying needs, you practise it daily, you become masters at delivering it, you monitor the outputs, analyse the activities, and further improve the process routinely. You arrive at a very successful sales process, it meets your desired outcomes, you raise your … Continue reading "A quality x quantity sales process"

Baking Bread & Sales

A baker who eats his own bread is a baker, however, a baker whose customers eat his bread is a salesman, it’s true what we are told ‘we are all salespeople’. This includes everyone within the organisation, we all have a capacity to understand…. Why does the business really exist.Who are we aiming to serve.What … Continue reading "Baking Bread & Sales"