Life after Windows for a 10-year-old PC .

Is there a place for a Cloud ready operating system in a business sector dominated by Windows 10?

Windows 10

To find out,  I took a laptop (Medion 54209, 2009 with Win 7 ) and a PC ( Lenovo M1578, 2012 with Win 7) and installed the Cloudready Home Edition on both. Neither were ‘Certified’ Cloudready devices, both installed within the suggested 20 minutes without errors and neither presented me with any compatibility issues.

First step complete, Windows is now permanently replaced by the Cloudready Chromium operating system with the same user experience found on a Chrome notebook.

Cloudready Desktop

Cloud ready user experience ..

Start up is noticeably faster than a Windows PC.
The login screen requires your Google credentials.
One click on ‘Office’ on your taskbar takes you into your Microsoft 365 Portal within your first open browser window.

All your Microsoft apps are accessible via the portal display.

Next up, click on & open windows for all the apps to be used during the day : Outlook, Teams, Word, Excel, Dynamics 365.  5 apps now open, switching between apps is now instant. Printing is the same as in Windows.

All your most recent, pinned and shared documents are displayed within the Office Portal, along with one click easy access to both OneDrive & SharePoint.

The Office 365 Portal is the new location for all your applications. a cloud based desktop that includes all business data. 

Office 365 Portal

There is no ‘desktop’ ‘shock horror’ no ‘ a massive step forward ’ you replace your bad habit with a ‘temp’ folder in OneDrive. There are many benefits when making this change:

  • No documents reside on your device, no security concerns, no lost data.
  • You get the same layout, document access, whichever device you log on with.
  • Should you encounter a technical issue, you no longer need to call IT Support, your device can be rectified, reinstalled, with a simple 2 click process.
  • The device will no longer be bogged down with unnecessary data, and should you damage or loose your devise, your documents are never compromised.

Recent events have emphasised the need for a more robust cloud computing environment. A Chromium Cloudready operating system compliments the move into the cloud.

Whether your motive is speed, security, reduced IT support costs or the flexibility of being able to seamlessly move between multiple devices.

Add the fact that Cloudready OS performs well on old ex windows computers, Cloudready is a compelling proposition for most businesses.

Mike Haddon