The telephone is not dead

Picking up the phone and personally talking to a prospect can get immediate results when you apply fundamental marketing principles and techniques. 

Telephone calls are important for the buyer that doesn’t know they need your product. A prospect might have issues that are perfectly addressed by your product, but they don’t know it because they’ve never engaged with you. In this case, the phone is a powerful tool – it doesn’t wait for the prospect to find you on the WWW.
You come to them to demonstrate value.

I have one tip if you find ‘cold calling‘ daunting :  ‘Do not assume a thing’
If you expect an outcome, & push for it, in most instances you will be disappointed.
Be concise, be direct and  ask the question:   Hi Jim, this is Mike for Team Sales 365, This is a sales call ” Are you open to …… ? ”  the reply will be:   No

Dependent on the quality of your prospecting , you will soon get a ‘Yes’  & the best is : 74 percent of deals go to the person who was first to engage the buyer and provide helpful insight. 

When creating an opportunity you have positioned yourself in the best place to receive the deal.