Less than the so called ‘always free’

 The Business edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365

The Business edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is aimed at companies with between 10 and 250 employees. A suite of applications that include Sales, Marketing, Financials and Customer Service.

One platform sharing data seamlessly throughout, and connected to Office 365, Dynamics 365 Business Edition is the standout solution for small to medium size businesses.

MORE Sales is the standout priority for most small businesses, so, what does it cost? and why is Dynamics 365 Sales Professional the No1 opportunity?


Dynamics 365 Sales Professional includes Core sales force automation and Office 365 integration with enterprise level functionality, at a cost of £49 per user/month.

The key value proposition is the Team Members Business Edition at just £6 a user !!  Collate a combination of Professional & Team Member licences for a business enabled, industry leading sales platform for a monthly cost LESS than you will pay for the so called ‘always free’ entry level CRM software.