Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

With Dynamics 365 Sales, your team has access to all the information they need via their preferred application, such as Microsoft Outlook, Dynamics 365, or Teams.

 A customer engagement solution that drives sales & marketing activity.

  • Outbound Sales Campaigns
  • Sales Enquiry Handling
  • Business Processes
  • Time Saving Sales Workflows
  • Activity Management
  • Sales Collateral Management
  • Reporting & Administration
  • Outlook,Teams & Mobile Integration

The sales process in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional helps you close more deals and achieve higher customer satisfaction. You can achieve more consistent sales interactions by following the sales process as it takes you through each stage, from creating a lead to closing the opportunity and recording the sale.

Dynamics 365 for Sales Business Process

Adopt time saving processes

Sales force automation (SFA) software automates sales tasks and streamlines the collection, analysis, and distribution of the data in a sales pipeline.

This automation eliminates many time-consuming tasks, empowering sales teams to do more. Dynamics 365 for Sales goes beyond task automation to enable smarter selling. With Dynamics 365 for Sales, users take advantage of data-driven technologies to better understand customer needs.

Increase customer understanding

Dynamics 365 for Sales improves sales productivity. It helps build strong relationships by providing a more complete profile of each buyer, allowing for more personalised messaging and communications. It uses artificial intelligence to identify the most promising prospects and guide sellers to the next best step in managing each customer relationship.

Business process for consistent sales activities

Dynamics 365 for Sales Professional, you can help ensure that users enter data consistently and follow the same steps every time they work with a customer by creating a business process flow.

Business Process Flows, Global Workflows, and new features like Action Cards work together to ensure you customers / prospects receive the very best interaction every time.

Dynamics 365 for Sales unified interface

Dynamics 365 for phones and Dynamics 365 for tablets, apps for all your sales related information 

Use Dynamics 365 for Outbound Sales

Outbound Sales Campaigns

Use Dynamics 365 for enquiry handling

Enquiry Handling

Use Dynamics 365 for sales process & workflows

Business Processes & Sales Workflows

Microsoft Teams for Telephony

Activity Management & Action Cards

Let Dynamics 365 manage your sales & marketing collateral

Sales Collateral Management

Dynamics 365 provides impressive sales reporting potential

Reporting & Administration

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