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 Mike Haddon – Team Sales 365 

My name is Mike Haddon and I’m a Freelance IT Specialist,  My aim is to work with businesses in the small to medium SMB sector, and to assist them with maximising the potential of their IT investments. 2020 is my 28th year working in IT, during which time I have experienced working in a broad spectrum of roles, working for international, national and regional businesses.

 My Background

In 2005 I formed QUE Software Limited and for the last 15 years I have focused on the SMB sector, under the accredited Microsoft Small Business Specialist banner. Wherever possible I look to help organisations to embrace good simple ‘turnkey’ business processors, logical steps that make them more efficient and faster. This drives down overheads, increases productivity and provides clarity.

In 2013 I decided to embrace the move to ‘Cloud Computing’ it was a no brainer really, my business could have the very latest software, no capital expenditure and I could compete on equal terms.

In 2014 I passed my Microsoft Dynamics CRM exams and now I can help myself and others win more business by exploiting the potential of this outstanding product.

IT has changed dramatically over the last 5 years, due to ‘Cloud Computing’. For those companies who are ambitious and wanting to improve, finally IT can really help position them above the competition.

MikeHaddon-Team Sales 365
  • 1992-Small Office IT systems
  • 1995-Midlands Internet Services
  • 1997-Enterprise Systems Integrator
  • 2000-Enterprise Internet Solutions
  • 2001-Software Development
  • 2005-Small Business Solutions
  • 2013-Microsoft Online Services
  • 2014-Microsoft Dynamics CRM

 BA Hons Interactive Multimedia Communications 

additional skills include: digital media, html and WordPress developer, web host provider & sales content creator. 

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