Baking Bread & Sales


A baker who eats his own bread is a baker, however, a baker whose customers eat his bread is a salesman, it’s true what we are told ‘we are all salespeople’. This includes everyone within the organisation, we all have a capacity to understand….

  • Why does the business really exist.
  • Who are we aiming to serve.
  • What experience are we trying to offer.
  • What would we like our customers to say about our business.
Microsoft Teams for Messaging

A ‘Clear Message’ must sound throughout your Team [Microsoft Teams]
Are we working together in the best way possible?
Do we know how we can outperform our organisational objectives by using [Microsoft Teams]


Nothing happens until we make a sale.

You now understand and have a ‘Clear Message’ time to engage and generate more Sales.
But I’m not an experienced Salesman, I loathe Selling!! Good news, you don’t need to be, In a world of distracting digital noise, clarity is essential. 

A ‘Clear Message’ will standout, delight prospects and help you to outperform your overall objectives.

Turn your sales & marketing needs into a simplified business process, don’t procrastinate. Just like baking, a process, with a start, middle, and a successful conclusion.

Add discipline and commitment to Microsoft Dynamics for Sales to outperform your objectives.

Think more about proven business sales processes, inclusion, discipline. There is no place for chancers in modern sales.

Use Dynamics 365 for Outbound Sales

Do we appreciate the value of a sound business sales process?
Do we know how we can outperform our sales objectives by using
[Microsoft Dynamics for Sales]

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