Never Neglect Customer Retention

TeamSales365 & Dynamics 365 for Sales

New Business Leads

You should not focus  Dynamics 365 for Sales solely on getting new business leads. You should also focus on getting existing customers to come back or retain their relationship with you. Staying connected with your existing customers is crucial, your competitors are taking opportunities to them all the time, and its a big mistake to stand back and let them replace you by providing new ideas, offers or opportunities.

Customer Retention

A customer engagement ongoing sales process is a set of scheduled activities which requires ongoing communication, business processes and workflows.
This is the perfect opportunity to up sell to existing satisfied customers.

The same goes for past customers / dormant customers — if you think you’re offering something that can offer benefits for them, reach out to them, too.

Plan a successful campaign once and schedule for ongoing activity – the best businesses are marketing constantly and to do this they use the correct tools for the job.