Focusing on the new ‘norm’ in business

Stepping out of lock down creates the ideal opportunity to appraise performance.
I’m hoping I can help you identify opportunities and assist you in delivering on them!

Can I help ..

I operate as a freelance IT specialist, working on projects from single day work, through to on going project work.  A brief background of my skills & experience. 

Looking to capitalise on the remote-worker revolution ..

Microsoft Teams is the ultimate tool for collaborating at work. Teams provides a fully decked out document storage, chat, and online meeting environment.

Looking to improve on sales ..

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales & Marketing

Looking to reduce your IT spend ..

Replace Windows with a CloudReady operating system

For faster more secure devices ..

CloudReady is the chromium based operating system that is built for the cloud. Based on a secure browser and without the complex and unsecure services associated with the Windows operating system.