Why Hire an IT Freelancer ?

Software as a service, and managed services, have changed the way we look at our IT needs. That traditional model of ‘your business is supported by your local IT Company of choice’ is being questioned.

We are now buying ‘Direct’. Examples; Microsoft Online with software support, Dell with hard & software support, AVG managed via the ‘cloud’, Cisco managed networking.

The informed buyer can look to focus more on ‘business benefits’ and this is great news for the IT Freelancer, a fast growing sector that works within the new ‘Direct’ IT business model.

Below is a list of reasons outlining the benefits of hiring an IT freelancer, like myself, instead of a traditional Channel IT Company?

1. Cost – I do not have anywhere near the overheads of an established IT Company, here is an immediate and tangible saving that can be passed onto my customers.

2. Simplicity – Duplicating IT support roles creates unnecessary expense and complication, I work alongside the primary IT provider to enhance their level of support, not provide a lesser alternative.

3. Always here – often a mobile phone is better than a helpline number, I work irregular hours around the needs of my customers, ideal for front line support. I’m still human and like free time as much as everyone else, but overall I’m sure I outperform the 9-5 helpline numbers.

4. Direct chain of communication – one call, one conversation, starts with me and stays with me, no passing the buck.

5. You get the expertise you need – If you hire me to deliver a task, that is all you pay for, IT Companies need to factor in the cost of support staff many of which may not have any relevance to your needs.

6. Your project is important – My good reputation is all I have to get me work, I need to exceed your expectations every time.

7. Speed – I report to you, I commit to your completion date, I’ve not got a boss asking me to complete 20 other jobs at the same time.

8. I have networks too – by using an IT Company, you’ll get access to extended skills outside what is required to complete your project and the cost of the project will reflect this. However, don’t for a second think that freelancers don’t have great networks of contacts too. We stick together and work together on projects based purely on requirements rather than keeping all these staff on high salaries.

9. Freelancers do the work anyway – This may come as a surprise to some clients but I can certainly speak from experience here. The CRM project you pay an IT Company £600 a day to complete – is often placed with a Freelancer who does the work for a much reduced fee.

10. You’re hiring the right person for the job – If you place the work with me, it’s because you have found someone with the exact skills to complete the task, and commitment to complete the work on time and to the agreed budget.

Many of the benefits listed above relate to the cost difference between hiring a traditional IT Company and an IT Freelancer like myself. In balance with these points an IT Company will list 10 reasons why not relying on a ‘one man band’ makes best sense.

I would close by asking you to consider what are Microsoft, Dell, Cisco etc suggesting with their decisive shift towards managed services, for sure this makes for winners and losers, I’m suggesting the winners will be the businesses that best adapt to the new IT landscape.

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