Business Community Connection

 Finding the competitive advantage 

Making IT business processes simpler and more standard is the first step to becoming more competitive, but how do you determine which IT processes work best for your business?

These days, IT investments are no longer about products and more about the business processes they enable. Only the organisations that understand the potential can be the ones that go on to gain the competitive advantage.

 The community connection programme 

On behalf of Microsoft and its Community Connection program. I am part of the Microsoft Community Connections team and we are tasked to reach out to the business community to provide educational and thought leadership in conjunction with Microsoft.

I’m available to attend your place of business to discuss opportunities relating directly to your individual business needs, carry out a Q&A session and leave you better prepared for any decisions you make thereafter.

There is no charge for this review, just 2 hours of your time, so you ask “what is in for me?”, because I like to help people first and by doing so I become a trusted resource, which often leads to opportunities further down the line.

 Interested ? 

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