Email Engagement

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 Interaction history for email

Usually when you send an email, you’ll never know if it was opened or read unless the recipient chooses to write back to you. That’s because the email system was created to simulate traditional mail, and was not designed with response tracking in mind. Dynamics 365 for Sales uses special techniques to work around this limitation and provide the following message-following features:

 Find out when your message was opened:

Dynamics 365 for Sales registers that the associated message was opened, and notes the device type.

 Find out when each link was clicked

When you send a followed email message from Dynamics 365 for Sales, the system automatically replaces each of its hyperlinks with a unique redirect link that points to the Dynamics 365 server. Each redirect link includes an ID that uniquely identifies both the message that contains it and the URL of the original link target.

 Find out when each attachment was opened:

When you add a followed attachment, the file isn’t attached directly as with a standard email. Instead, it gets stored on the OneDrive for Business share used by your Dynamics 365 server and added as a link to the message. As with followed links, when a recipient clicks to download the attachment, the Dynamics 365 server notes the click and the time. 

Email engagement is a part of Sales Insights, designed to help you to better understand your business relationships, evaluate your activities in relation to previous successes, and choose the best path forward. Also, it enables you to build strong relationships with customers, take actions based on insights, and close opportunities faster.

The above Sales Insights features are available for free with Dynamics 365 Sales