Email Engagement

 Interaction history for email Usually when you send an email, you’ll never know if it was opened or read unless the recipient chooses to write back to you. That’s because the email system was created to simulate traditional mail, and was not designed with response tracking in mind. Dynamics 365 for Sales uses special techniques … Continue reading "Email Engagement"

Sales Qualification

Qualification A simple process of lead qualification, an essential first stage requirement for qualifying a lead. Lead qualification will help you assess and measure the degree of interest for your product or solution. Lead qualification will also provide the essential pre-sales information that will assist you in prioritising your actions, moving effectively through the stages … Continue reading "Sales Qualification"

The £6 Licence

 Dynamics 365 for Sales Team Members Licence Microsoft Team Members Licence. This license is designed for individuals who only need limited access across Dynamics 365 for Sales. Through a Team Member licence, users have full read access across  Dynamics 365 for Sales. With the standard professional licence at £49 pm and the Team Members Licence … Continue reading "The £6 Licence"

Baking Bread & Sales

A baker who eats his own bread is a baker, however, a baker whose customers eat his bread is a salesman, it’s true what we are told ‘we are all salespeople’. This includes everyone within the organisation, we all have a capacity to understand…. Why does the business really exist.Who are we aiming to serve.What … Continue reading "Baking Bread & Sales"