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Opportunity Qualification

Asking the right questions at the lead stage of the sales cycle if essential, mis-qualification will often lead to an extended sales cycle or a lost opportunity.

89% of B2B prospects use the internet for research (Google), before presenting themselves as an opportunity.

To engage with the prospect you will need to capture their expectations, and this includes deciding whether they are a good fit and you can add value, or it’s time to pass on the opportunity.

If you are concerned by the lack of sales conversion, frequently you will identify a problem of mis-qualification at the lead stage.

A discovery call is likely to satisfy the bulk of your qualification, however,  Webforms is a proven tool for sales qualification. Prospects, particularly millennials, are open to interactivity of this type.

 Web Forms

Web forms are extremely versatile and seamlessly integrate with Dynamics 365, provide automated lead creation and highly effective lead qualification.

Example form:

 Lead Generation Forms

If you are not currently using lead generation forms you’re missing out on opportunities. Lead Gen forms support all types of interaction, from social media, website, email to chat, conference and voice calls. Include them in sales workflows and provide a capture once data feed that populates Dynamics 365 for Sales.

 Survey Forms

Reach out to contacts via email to track progress and identify future opportunities.
Re-connect with prospects and re-build lapsed connections.

 Feedback Forms

Encourage feedback and monitor customer sentiment.

 Integrate forms into your sales process.

Integrate webforms into your sales processes and manage them from within Dynamics 365 for Sales. Using Microsoft Forms