Sales Strategy

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The  Sales Strategy – The prerequisite before you consider the tech.

Developing a sales strategy is the essential first phase. Technology only speeds up a bad process, its therefore essential you pencil the design for a successful sales process {or use Visio}.

 The Sales Strategy – Where do you start ?

A sales process usually works to the following key strategies….

  1. Selling more of the same things to more of the same customers.
  • A sales strategy focusing on markets and products you know well.
  • Product awareness, training & sampling.
  • Customer engagement through participation.
  • Win business from your competitors.
  • Increase customer usage.
  1. Selling more of the same things to different customers.
  • A sales strategy about focusing on markets and products you know well.
  • Solve new problems.
  • Referrals & Testimonials.
  • Product variations.
  • Extended territory reach.
  • New sales channels and market segments.
  • Revised pricing structures.
  1. Selling new products or services to the same customers
  • Explore a new product to customer fit.
  • Research & development and product innovation.
  • Customer needs assessment with feedback.
  • Product awareness, training & sampling.
  • Being first to market with new product initiatives.
  1. Selling new products or services to different customers
  • Research & development and product innovation
  • Product & new market fit
  • Industry knowledge & expertise.
  • Market research and customer acquisition.
  • Product exposure & endorsement.

 Sales strategy – other factors:

  • Skills
  • Commitment
  • Budget
  • Goals

Sales strategy management within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales includes, budgeting, scheduling, performance setting & reporting.

Dynamics 365 Sales – sales strategy build

  • Marketing List
  • Product / Service
  • Sales Collateral
  • Campaigns
  • Business Process
  • Activities
  • Goals
  • Reports